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ALFED releases Q2 2016 global report on Aluminium

The latest global quarterly assessment of the aluminium industry has been released by our good friends at the Aluminium Federation (Alfed).

Year on year, they are reporting an uplift in annual tonnage (driven by increased production in the Gulf and China) from 58.9 million tones in 2015 to 57.9 million tones in 2016.

Alfed’s report also discusses the latest developments in the global market including

  • The move to grant China Market Economy Status
  • The EU Green Public Procurement Criteria for Office Building
  • EU Emmissions Trading Scheme Reform
  • Concerns of Illegal Export of Scrap Car and
  • The EU/Canada Trade Agreement

All these different aspects are critical to the success of UK based manufacturers like Aluminium Shapes which is why it is important that we lend our voice too.

Companies operating in the aluminium sector, whether they are suppliers, extruders or customers, need to be aware of the pressing market forces that are making the operating environment as challenging as it has ever been.

Download the report here and stay up to date with Alfed on Twitter

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