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We offer a complete finishing service for your aluminium extrusions and extruded components, with a large range of finishing choices.

Finishing is usually the last process undertaken by your product, but is by no means the least important as the visual form of the extrusion is often of major appeal.

In addition to the most common finishing types, which are detailed below, we can provide a range of other finishes, such as polishing or chrome plating; please ask for details.



Anodising is an electrochemical process used to produce durable and decorative finishes. With the addition of dies, this can also be done in a range of colours.

The natural protective oxide coating formed on exposure of aluminium to the atmosphere can be thickened by anodising.

In essence the process consists of passing an electric current through an acid solution in which the immersed aluminium component acts as the anode, and aluminium or lead typically provides the cathode.

During the process electrolysis breaks down the water into oxygen and hydrogen; the oxygen combines with the aluminium to produce aluminium oxide and the hydrogen is liberated.


Powder Coating

With powder coating, the range of colours and patterned designs is almost endless.

We supply a comprehensive range of architectural grade polyester powder coatings to meet every requirement. This represents a cost effective route to achieving an extremely durable and colourful finish.

Colours can be chosen from the extensive RAL or BS colour ranges in matt, satin or high gloss, or can be matched to customer specifications in flat, metallic or textured finishes.

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