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As well as our two extrusion presses, our Corby manufacturing plant also houses a range of fabrication and machining equipment. This means we have the additional capability of turning extrusion into precision components under one roof.


The range of equipment and programmers at our disposal enable us to provide many additional services ranging from precision cutting of extrusion to short lengths, through to complex CNC machining over long lengths.

The current portfolio of equipment has been significantly extended over the last 12 months.

Our machining department runs with the philosophy of providing quick turnaround times whilst maintaining excellent levels of service and quality. In addition to our core services, we can also provide customised assembly and packaging services; please ask for further details.

Equipment specifications:

Matchmasker VMC 820 CNC machining centre
Provides short length multi-axis CNC machining to tight tolerances.

Kaltenbach SKL 450 NA Auto feed saw
Allows for automatic feed cutting to tight tolerances.

Emmegi Line VIS3 Triple head mitre saw
Delivers tight tolerances mitring and angular cutting over short and long lengths.

Emmegi Phantomatic T3A
Offers complex machining over lengths up to 4.3m, with automatic 8-station tool change.

Emmegi Diamant CNC
Provides milling and cutting up to 6.5m lengths, multi-station work zone setup and 9 station tool changer allows for complete flexibility.

Power Press Sweeney and Blocksidge No 9
Delivers 9-tonne force for any pressing and punching requirements.

Emmegi 450 SCA Saw
Caters for precision cutting up to 6.7m with tigerstop autofeed system.

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