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Dies and Samples

We offer exceptionally fast turnaround times on new dies, samples and repeat extrusion runs.

We have new dies available to run on our UK presses within two weeks or quicker of drawing sign off. Even if your requirement is extremely urgent, we are well placed to help.

We also have no minimum extrusion run size and offer full stocking facilities, so we are entirely flexible within the whole process when it comes to order quantities.


Aluminium Alloys

We supply extrusions in a range of alloys to meet your individual needs. At our Corby plant, the primary alloy we extrude in is the architectural grade 6060. The tempers we supply are F, T4, T5 and T6. If your product calls for something different in terms of alloy selection, please ask.

With strong strategic external partnerships we can offer a much wider range of section and alloy. This would come with the obvious benefits that being a manufacturer ourself adds.




Direct Extrusion Press

Our direct press is utilised for the efficient production of larger extrusions, whilst maintaining the capability to hold tight tolerances. Dies and billet are heated to approximately 500 degrees Celsius, before the aluminium is pushed through the die with 1200 tonnes of hydraulic pressure.



Indirect Extrusion Press

Our indirect press specialises in the extrusion of smaller tight tolerance extrusions whilst maintaining a top quality surface finish.

Our designers will make a choice to use this press where your extrusion design calls for a more specialist approach. Due to the miniature nature of some profiles which run on this press, there is no minimum run size.

Talk to us today about your requirements.