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How Much Is An Extrusion Die?

It can be as low as £850.00 for a single cavity solid die. The cost is driven by the geometry, complexity, alloy and whether it is a solid or a hollow.

How much extrusion do we have to buy?

You can have a metre or a mile! You will, however, pay more pro rata for a metre. Many people come with a good idea for a product; how we manage that idea and the support we give in terms of tooling cost and minimum quantity can often determine whether the idea gets off the ground.

How much do I get from the sample batch?

The entirely depends on the size and complexity of the product.

What Extrusion Finishes Are Available?

Innumerable finishes from paint, anodising, colour anodising, anodic paints, polishing and chemical brightening, and many more. The important information to know is the key surfaces and whether it is protective or aesthetic, we can advise on any possible geometry issues that may impact the finish.

What Credit Terms Are Available?

We generally expect the tooling and samples to be paid in advance; ongoing terms are subject to satisfactory credit references.

Do I Own The Extrusion Die?

You pay a part cost only and own exclusive use of the hole in the middle. Unlike other more expensive forms of tooling, such as plastic injection moulding or pressure die casting, extrusion tooling is not portable and is normally specific to the press it has been designed to run on. As long as material is run through it every few years to allow for die maintenance the die will be replaced at our cost should it wear out or break.

Can You Make a Sample Without a Die?

We can make a short wire eroded sample, up to 200mm, or a 3D printed sample , up to 100mm. Both replicate the geometry of the section at a nominal cost. By doing this it gives a designer the immeasurable tactile comfort that only holding a physical piece can deliver

Do you offer machining?

We have a range of in house CNC machining and fabrication options, please refer to our processes page to find out more.

Any More Questions?

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