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High end visibility screens for building sector customer

A doodle to delivery extrusion case study involving a leading building company looking to install high visibility screens throughout the reception and public areas of their HQ as a key design feature.

The original process identified to make the product was sheet fabrication as this was the area of expertise that our partner (MLR) had. Shapes were approached to look at the production of the piece as an extrusion, as this provided many advantages.

The addition of features that enabled for better fabrication and assembly and also provided a much more receptive surface finish for ultimate coating were amongst the most attractive.

The die in this case, because of its size, took about six weeks to produce. Key to achieving a consistent look was retaining maximum face flatness across the two wide faces.

Once produced, the sections were intensively machined in three different kit sizes to cover permutations such as TV screen hanging etc. On completion of machining, the kits were then powder coated matt black to provide a high end finish prior to delivery and installation.

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