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Our Processes

Every Stage Of Your Extrusion

Our Corby plant is home to two 6″ aluminium extrusion presses. Having been in operation for over 25 years, we have highly knowledgeable staff who can always find an extruded aluminium solution to meet your needs.

We work on the concept of ‘design to delivery’ – we can make almost anything possible. The versatility and flexibility of aluminium as a material, coupled with the aluminium extrusion process we undertake, means we can create complex extruded aluminium shapes over a large range of sizes and to varying degrees of complexity.

So where to begin? 

It All Begins With Your Ideas…

Anything from a rough sketch to a detailed AutoCAD file – our team of experienced extrusion designers can give their input into your design. We can assist in a number of areas from overall size of the section, wall thicknesses and symmetry through to the strength required and feasibility of manufacture.

Prior to commitment to die manufacture, we can also provide 3D printed or wire eroded samples.

Your Ideas Come To Life

From the moment your drawing is signed off and ready to move onto the next phase, dies and samples can be produced in a mutually agreed timescale.

We also have no minimum extrusion run size and offer full stocking facilities, so we are entirely flexible within the whole process when it comes to order quantities.

Indirect Press

Our indirect 900 tonne press specialises in the extrusion of smaller tight tolerance profiles down to 0.03kg per metre, whilst maintaining a top quality surface finish.

Our designers will make a choice to use this press where your extrusion design calls for a more specialist approach. Due to the miniature nature of some profiles which run on this press, there is no minimum run size.

Direct Press

Our direct 1200 tonne press is utilised for the efficient production of larger profiles up to 4kg per metre, whilst maintaining the capability to hold tight tolerances.

Dies and billet are heated to approximately 500 degrees Celsius, before the aluminium is pushed through the die with 1200 tonnes of hydraulic pressure.

Fabrication Plant List

Emmegi Diamant CNC – 4 Axis CNC machining up to 6500mm

Emmegi Phantomatic T3A – 3 Axis CNC machining up to 4300mm

Matchmaker VMC 820 – 3 Axis CNC machining centre up to 820mm

Emmegi Linea VIS 3 Triple Headed Mitre Saw

It Matters What It Looks Like

Arriving at the last process, but by no means the least important – the visual form of the extrusion is often of major appeal, which is why we offer a complete finishing service for your aluminium extrusions and extruded components.

We offer anodising and powder coating as standard, however, if required, we can provide a range of other finishes, such as polishing or laminating.


Anodising is an electrochemical process used to produce durable and decorative finishes. With the addition of dyes, this can also be done in a range of colours. The natural protective oxide coating formed on exposure of aluminium to the atmosphere can be thickened by anodising.

In essence, the process consists of passing an electric current through an acid solution in which the immersed aluminium component acts as the anode, and aluminium or lead typically provides the cathode.

During the process, electrolysis breaks down the water into oxygen and hydrogen; the oxygen combines with the aluminium to produce aluminium oxide and the hydrogen is liberated.

Powder Coating

With powder coating, the range of colours and patterned designs is almost endless.

We supply a comprehensive range of architectural grade polyester powder coatings to meet every requirement. This represents a cost effective route to achieving an extremely durable and colourful finish.

Colours can be chosen from the extensive RAL or BS colour ranges in matt, satin or high gloss, or can be matched to customer specifications in flat, metallic or textured finishes.

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